If we are using an iframe in a page and we want to use the existing session variables of this page inside an iframe too, we must first register the session inside iframe with the same session id as the page including it.

Getting Rid of Borders on IFRAME:

To get rid of borders while using IFRAME,normally the CSS style below would do the trick

This works well on the browser Firefox. However, the IFRAME border doesn't show up on IE as expected this way. To get rid of it on IE, You may have to include the (non-CSS) IFRAME element frameborder='0'


You may have encountered a situation when you wanted to insert data with single quotes (') into your database and it trigerred a query error. This usually occurs when our SQL statement contains single quotes in the data that are not escaped.

Special characters such as single quotes need to be escaped in string values of an SQL statement. Normally, the php function addslashes does the job of escaping all such special characters.

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